コンペティションII 新人振付家部門 / Competition Ⅱ New Choreographer Division


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コンペティションII 新人振付家部門

甲斐 ひろな、黒田 勇、小林 萌、髙橋 灯、橋本 ロマンス、ヤマグチ リオ
NISHIMURA KAIYA、木村素子、佐伯 春樺、山田 暁、山下 恵実
※上演時間 約90分

【会場】横浜にぎわい座 のげシャーレ

【チケット】一般 2,500円、U-25 2,000円、高校生以下 1,500円

詳細はこちら⇒ http://yokohama-dance-collection.jp/program/program03/

*全席自由/ 税込


Competition Ⅱ New Choreographer Division
Performance by 11 finalists selected based on videos and documentation among entries from 39 new choreographers age 25 or under

2.6 (Thu) 19:00
Kai Hirona, Kuroda Yu, Kobayashi Moe, Takahashi Akari, Hashimoto Roma, Yamaguchi Rio
2.7 (Fri) 19:00
NISHIMURA KAIYA, Kimura Motoko, Saeki Haruka, Yamada Sato, Yamashita Megumi
*Order of presentation is TBD
*Hour indicates performance starting time
*Duration of performance: app. 90 min

[Venue] Yokohama Nigiwaiza Small Hall

[Advance tickets] Adults: 2,500 yen, U-25: 2,000 yen, High School Students and Younger: 1,500 yen
*Instruction for paying at convinience stores is only in Japanese

For details⇒ http://yokohama-dance-collection.jp/en/program/program03/

■All seats are unreserved.
■No admission allowed for pre-school children.
■Those purchasing 'U-25 Ticket' and 'High School Students & Younger' must present their student ID to enter the theatre.
■Due to unavoidable circumstances, performers and program may be subject to change.
■Refunds and changes are not available after tickets have been purchased.
■Please note that travel expenses are not guaranteed if the performance is canceled.

Feb 6 - Feb 7, 2020
[ Thu ] - [ Fri ]
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM JST
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2.6 Thu 19:00:一般 / Adults SOLD OUT ¥2,500
2.6 Thu 19:00:U-25 SOLD OUT ¥2,000
2.6 Thu 19:00:高校生以下 / High School Students and Younger SOLD OUT ¥1,500
2.7 Fri 19:00:一般 / Adults SOLD OUT ¥2,500
2.7 Fri 19:00:U-25 SOLD OUT ¥2,000
2.7 Fri 19:00:高校生以下 / High School Students and Younger SOLD OUT ¥1,500
Venue Address
横浜市中区野毛町3丁目110−1 カスタリア桜木町 Japan
横浜ダンスコレクション2020 Yokohama Dance Collection 2020

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